Create Bespoke Looks with Café’s Luxe Appliance Finishes

Café matte white range

Among the adjectives homeowners might use to describe their dream kitchen, “cookie-cutter” definitely isn’t included. Chances are your clients want a custom design that uniquely expresses their personality and style – and the look of appliances factors into the equation. While stainless steel is the perfect choice for some schemes, it isn’t the only option. Café offers three other distinctive finishes; there’s one to suit every vision.

Matte White

If the thought of white appliances conjures images of dated kitchens, think again. Café’s Matte White finish casts the familiar choice in a fresh, new light. Whether you want brilliant appliances that will blend into painted cabinetry or pop against darker elements, consider this clean option.

Café’s Customizable Professional Collection allows you to combine the crisp finish with the hardware of your choice. Matte White appliances come standard with Brushed Bronze hardware, but you can select a different finish — Brushed Stainless, Brushed Black, or Brushed Copper – to craft your ideal.

Café matte black wall oven

Matte Black

Nothing conveys sophistication quite like the color black. Café’s Matte Black appliances add a bit of drama to any space. They command attention in bright settings or play a quieter role in moody scenes. The versatile finish plays particularly well with organic elements, such as wood and stone.

Also part of Café’s Customizable Professional Collection, Matte Black appliances come with classic Brushed Stainless hardware. Fashion a different look by switching up the finish. Go tone-on-tone with Brushed Black, add rosy warmth with Brushed Copper, or create a subtle distinction with Brushed Bronze.

Platinum Glass

A minimal kitchen demands sleek selections, including the appliance finish. And Café’s Platinum Glass finish fits the bill. Available on the brand’s Modern Glass Collection of appliances, the reflective surface projects a thoroughly modern aesthetic. The collection layers glass fronts over lustered platinum to achieve a mirror-like effect unlike any other.  The appliances’ streamlined design reinforces the contemporary edge.

The Modern Glass Collection boasts a full line-up of appliances, from beverage centers to wall ovens.

Capture the right nuance in each bespoke design with one of these extraordinary appliance finishes from Café. See the options firsthand at your nearest ADU showroom.