Smart Kitchen Design Makes Life Easier

Cafe smart range

Home automation is transforming how we live, in a good way. And smart kitchen appliances are important components of any integrated ecosystem. These connected products and the forward-thinking features they offer can be game-changers for busy owners, whether they’re seasoned gourmets or novice cooks. Take a look at some of the benefits a smart kitchen provides.

Convenience and Ease

Owners can remotely control appliances from one place, either a smartphone or tablet. A downloaded app, such as Café’s free Smart HQ™, makes it easy to operate WiFi-enabled products with a simple tap or swipe. And voice-control takes the efficiency factor to the next level. The multi-tasking chef can instruct Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to preheat the oven, for instance, while prepping the meal—and can even open the oven door hands-free while holding a hefty dish.

Peace of Mind

Status updates and timely notifications are delivered straight to the user’s device. From the minutes remaining on an oven timer to an alert if the refrigerator door is ajar, these notifications lighten the meal-time crunch and keep a kitchen running smoothly. Safety warnings – when a stovetop burner is left on, for example – help mitigate potential hazards.

Precision Cooking

Smart appliances leave little to chance. With pre-programmed settings and temperature sensors, these products consistently turn out delectable results. Café has partnered with Hestan Cue® to further simplify and customize the cooking experience on an induction range and cooktop. With Gourmet Guided Cooking streaming to a smartphone or tablet, the home chef can fearlessly try new recipes and master more advanced techniques.

Evolving Performance

WiFi-enabled products can get even better over time. Thanks to software upgrades, eligible Café ranges, for example, continue to evolve. Existing owners can download and access new cooking modes to expand their culinary range. The brand’s latest update, a Turkey Mode released before last Thanksgiving, reduces holiday stress and ensures that a perfectly roasted bird gets to the table right on schedule.

Given these benefits, incorporating smart appliances in your kitchen designs likely makes sense. Café offers an innovative line-up to consider. An ADU specialist can help you select the tech-forward options that will add the most value for your client.