Give Home Cooks a Helping Hand with Café and Hestan Cue

Hestan pot with probe on Cafe range

Some home chefs are adventurers and delight in climbing to new culinary heights. Others simply could use a leg up with getting weeknight meals on the table. Both sets – as well as those who fall somewhere in between – can benefit from a professional guide, precision cooking technology, and top-notch induction appliances. Through its partnership with Hestan Cue®, Café delivers on all fronts.

Gourmet Guided Cooking with Café and Hestan Cue

Café has teamed up with Hestan Cue to offer a smart cooking system, which seamlessly marries its induction cooktop, the Hestan Cue app, and the Cue Smart Pan. The at-home cook downloads the app to a smartphone or tablet, selects a recipe from a searchable library, and then follows step-by-step video instructions. Automated, precision temperature control along the way eliminates the guesswork and ensures perfect results.

Benefits of Hestan Cue

As part of the smart cooking system, the Hestan Cue app can be a boon to cooks of all skill levels. It enables users to:

  • Try new chef-developed dishes and expand their culinary repertoire
  • Scale recipes and shopping lists to the desired number of servings
  • Master advanced skills and proper techniques
  • Execute their own recipes perfectly, thanks to precision time and temperature guides
  • Turn out consistently delectable dishes, from appetizers to desserts

How Hestan Cue Works

Through the Hestan Cue app, culinarians can select from an ever-expanding array of recipes (there are currently over 600 and counting) developed and tested by trained chefs. They can search by meal/course, main ingredient, or dietary preferences/needs. Additionally, the Chef’s Collective comprises recipes from acclaimed professionals and popular restaurants.

Once the home chef selects the number of servings, the app develops shopping and equipment lists and estimates the cooking time. It then guides the user through every step – prompting when to stir, season, flip, and plate. Café’s smart induction burner communicates with embedded temperature sensors in the Cue cookware and the app to automatically maintain the ideal temperature.

Together, Café and Hestan Cue improve the cooking experience and help home chefs reach their full potential. Stop by an ADU showroom to see Café’s induction ranges and cooktops firsthand and learn more about video-guided cooking.