Add European Flair and Easy Access To Your Next Kitchen Design

Café matte black wall oven

French-door wall ovens are gaining popularity—and for good reason. Here are the top benefits generating all the buzz, as well as a look at Café’s on-trend offerings.

Professional-Style Design

A French-door oven lends European élan and chef credibility to any kitchen. The double-door styling, which first earned its stripes on refrigerators, takes inspiration from restaurant kitchens across the pond and here at home.

Café’s Professional Series French-Door Wall Oven is the perfect choice for a home chef who covets an industrial-chic vibe. While stainless steel is a proven pick, you can customize the look by mixing and matching among several appliance and hardware finishes.

Ergonomic Access

Pleasing aesthetics aside, where the French-door oven really shines is with its easy access. The doors open from the center rather than from the top. This approachable, ergonomic design means the cook doesn’t have to awkwardly reach over an open, pull-down door when lifting laden pans in and out of the oven, a particularly important benefit when the oven doors are hot. The user can walk up closer to the oven while still maintaining a comfortable distance from the doors.

Café open French door wall oven

Café’s French-Door Wall Oven combines these ergonomic advantages with smart Precision Cooking and built-in WiFi to guarantee a gourmet cooking experience and consistent, professional results.

Ease of Use

Serious home chefs are consummate multi-taskers—so they will likely appreciate the thoughtful engineering behind French-door ovens. Most models are designed so that both doors open with a single hand. The cook can reach for a roast with one hand and release the doors with the other, without missing a beat. Café’s French-door wall ovens offer this convenient, easy-to-use feature.

Slimmer Clearance

French-door ovens work especially well in galley kitchens or any tight space with limited elbow room between the wall oven and island. The center-opening, double doors require less clearance in front than a traditional, pull-down door or a single, side-opening door.

Specifying a French-door oven will add European flair and professional functionality to your client’s kitchen. Start your search by exploring Café’s options at your local ADU showroom.