Deliver Versatile Cooking Power with Monogram’s Advantium Oven

Even within the luxury kitchen-appliance market, where innovation and high performance are the norms, Monogram’s five-in-one oven with Advantium® technology stands out. This one appliance meets a host of cooking needs, from baking to toasting. Consider the advantages of the powerful multi-tasker as you specify kitchen appliances.


The Advantium oven delivers five types of cooking power to a kitchen. In addition to offering convection and precision-cook settings, the versatile and space-saving oven microwaves, warms/proofs, and toasts.


Monogram’s five-in-one oven operates four times faster than a conventional oven. Its high-intensity halogen lighting system combines with microwave technology to speedcook oven-quality food in minutes with no pre-heating required.

Precision and Ease

The home chef can choose from over 175 pre-programmed food selections The intuitive oven precision-cooks each selection with the right amount of heat and power from the four cooking sources to ensure perfect results every time. A 7-inch LCD screen displays tantalizing, chiaroscuro-style food images from the pre-set menu and allows the user to easily adjust oven settings. The user can also program up to 30 custom recipes that are family favorites.


The stainless-steel Advantium oven is available from both the Monogram Minimalist and Statement collections. The Minimalist Collection is known for its contemporary, streamlined aesthetic, while the Statement Collection offers a restaurant-inspired look. Whichever style you choose, the oven will complement the rest of an elegant Monogram kitchen.

Configuration and Installation Options

Depending on the space parameters and your client’s preferences, choose a smart wall oven (offered in 30-inch and 27-inch widths that can also be installed undercounter) or the 30-inch, above-the-cooktop model.

Given these many benefits, the Advantium oven from Monogram is the ultimate addition to any high-end kitchen design. Check out this multifunctional wonder at your nearest ADU showroom.