Single, Double, & Combination Ovens: Which One Works For You?

Wolf Steam Oven

Do you ever wonder if your oven is up for everything you need it to do. Whether you are cooking for one or for a crowd, today’s modern cooks have many options that make baking much easier than it has ever been. But before you start shopping, you will want to make sure you know which type of oven will work best for you. 


Conventional ovens have a heat source that radiates from the bottom of the oven using electricity or gas. Since this type of oven has been around a long time, most people are familiar with it. However, sometimes food doesn’t cook evenly or you have to reposition food while it’s cooking. Conventional ovens take time to heat up and have certain spots in the oven that are warmer than others, but they are very budget-friendly. 


Convection ovens have heat that is produced in the back of the oven and fans that circulate the heat throughout the oven. This means that every spot in the oven gets an even, steady amount of heat. Many people find that they can get the same results as a conventional oven with a lower cooking temperature and faster cooking times. It can take some time to get used to cooking with this type of oven. 


Steam ovens use water vapor to heat the oven and cook the food. This extra moisture means that the meats and vegetables come out moist and bread is light and fluffy. This method also allows your food to retain more of its nutritional value and does not require oils when cooking. Steam ovens typically cost more, are smaller than other types, and require a bit more maintenance. 


Combination ovens use two different cooking styles, like convection and steam. This maximizes your options no matter what type of food you are cooking, and you can cook with just one method or a combination of both. When you combine these two methods, you get food that is moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. 


Double ovens are basically two ovens stacked on top of each other. This is a great option for large families or those who regularly entertain. It allows you to cook multiple dishes at different temperatures at the same time. It can also give you the option of choosing two different styles of ovens so that you can have more options. 

As you can see, we have come a long way from cooking with earthen ovens, and the options abound for the modern cook. No matter the size of the crowd you are feeding or the size of your budget, ADU can help you find the right kind of oven for you.